Freshhh -do wygrania 20 000Euro! Grupa MOL organizuje konkurs dla studentów !

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Freshhh -do wygrania 20 000Euro! Grupa MOL organizuje konkurs dla studentów !

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We are starting the FRESHHH2014 game for students !

Form a 3-member team who will be competing for valuable prices:

- total prize money Euro 20,000

- the possibility of a free place in our “growww 2014” Fresh Graduate Programme !

The freshhh2014 competition is designed for university and college students. All 3-members teams must be students currently enrolled in a university. PhD students are allowed to participate in the competition as well. The tasks will focus on the oil and gas industry.

Your team will manage a virtual oil company. Your decisions have to base on technical knowledge. However, as in real life the technical knowledge is not enough for a success management, you have to consider your decisions from business point of view.

Playing the MOL Tycoon you will build up a new oil corporation from the beginning. You will decide on research and development projects to find rich reservoirs, build refinery for different products and find the best product portfolio to gain profit.

The game starts in FreshhhLand (FreshhhField), where you are beginner oil entrepreneurs. The oil industry (as your firm too) is facing great opportunities in the industrial and technical development.

You have one working oil rig on a field that has further promising research possibilities. The exploration of the whole field is up to you, and based on the new rigs you can develop your company’s downstream division and so on...

Important dates:

5th March - 7th April: registration
7th April: teams get the rules and background info package
8th April - 9th April: there are two practice turns
10th April - 20th April: run the MOiL Tycoon , 10 turns, 1 turn/day
21st April: announcement of the qualifications to the 2nd Round (Semi Final)
24th April - 29th April: run the Retail simulation (2nd Round - Semi Final), 5 turns, 1 turn/day
30th April: announcement of the qualifications to the Live Final
29th May: Live Final for TOP 5 teams

For more information, visit our website: or watch watch this video
If you have any enquiry, write to us:

Have fun and good luck!

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